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Your Wedding Dance

Your first dance as a married couple should be very special, a unique dance that fits your style. We have worked with many couples choreographing the perfect dance for their special day and now we would like to help you. Your first dance should be fun, easy-to-learn and something that will Wow your family & guests. In addition to your first couples dance, we can also design some fun and easy-to-learn Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances along with group dances for your entire bridal party.

Our specialty is working with you, creating the dance you want based on the music you select. Then we put it all together for you for your wedding day!

Packages we offer (2021)

 (Each lesson is 1 hour, Floor Fees if applicable, approx $15/hr)

Basic Package ($285)

» 3 Lessons for the Wedding Couples 1st Dance
» Dance Choreography
» 1 Song (cut specifically for your routine)

Basic Package+ ($385)

» 3 Lessons for the Wedding Couples 1st Dance
» Dance Choreography
» Mash-up of up to 4 Songs (cut specifically for your routine)

Party Package ($585)

» 3 Lessons for the Wedding Couples 1st Dance
» 3 Lessons for Bridal Party - Line/Group Dance(s)
» Dance Choreography for Wedding Couple & Group
» Music Cut for Wedding Couple & Group (1 song for couple, up to 3 songs for group)

Family Package ($985)

» 3 Lessons for the Wedding Couples 1st Dance
» 3 Lessons for Mother/Son Dance
» 3 Lessons for Father/Daughter Dance
» 3 Lessons for Bridal Party - Line/Group Dance(s)
» Dance Choreography for each Couple & Group
» Music Cut for each Couple & Group (1 song per couple, up to 3 songs for group)

Wedding Event Lessons ($100/hour - 2 hour min)

We are one of the few dance instructors that will attend your local event and teach your guests some of the most popular Line Dances and/or an easy-to-learn Couples Dance. This is a great way to keep your guests entertained while the bridal party is taking pictures or during the cocktail hour, and get them on the dance floor during your reception.

Some of Our Wedding Couples

Eric & Chanelle (Sept 2019)

Brigette and Mark are amazing! They tailored a routine that matched our skill set and added just enough flare to ensure we looked like an advanced duet (which we so aren't). So thankful for the patience, positivity energy and encouragement they pour into every session. We absolutely CRUSHED our first dance! THANK YOU!!

Daniel & Ashley (Nov 2018)

Mark & Brigette, Thank you guys so much! Ashley and I had such a great experience with you. Our first dance went so well and we got a lot of great feedback, it made us feel great. Going in I was a little skeptical but you both made me feel comfortable and you kept things fun and light. We walked away with a special dance to our song and something we will never forget (just have to find excuses to brush up) We even impromptu did our dance during our honeymoon in Aruba. Thank you!

Andy & Jodi (Oct 2017)

In my experience, traditional bridesmaid duties rarely include the obligation to learn 6 choreographed routines (of which includes sultry Magic Mike style dance moves). Thank goodness Mark & Brigette were there to show us the way! In those private classes full of bridesmaids and groomsmen, Mark ad Bridgette had their work cut out for them. Andy had 2 left feet and his "kick ball change" was the laughing joke of the group. However, when it was time to consider our own first dance routine for our upcoming wedding - we knew right away who to call. Mark and Bridgette graciously listened to our ideas and our vision, and then within a short period of time, had created a perfect choreographed routine suitable to our dancing abilities (and Andy's 2 left feet). We loved their energy, creativity and schedule flexibility. Within our dance routine, they emphasized our strengths and covered up our weaknesses. We had an absolute blast not only with our group lessons but also learning our first dance routine with Mark and Brigette!

Conor & Echo (Nov 2017)

Dance lessons have never been as enjoyable as this. Team Thompson is the best! They by far are the funnest pair of instructors we have ever met and the most knowledgeable. Not only do they make the lessons fun and entertaining they make you feel confident and comfortable. Highly Recommended is an understatement!

Michael & Lindsay (Apr 2016)

My husband and I came to Brigette and Mark for the planning of our first dance. They created a stunning routine that was easy for us to learn with a bit of guidance and practice, even though neither of us had any dancing experience. Brigette and Mark are great teachers and they are very patient! The lessons were a great value and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for instructors for a special occasion or just for fun! We had so many compliments on our dance from our guests!

Ed & Megan (Feb 2015)

Before taking lessons with Brigette and Mark there was no way I could imagine being able to dance in front of people on my wedding day. They walked us step by step through the dance and made it so easy and fun for us! Our wedding guest were all impressed with our first dance and I actually felt confident dancing for the first time!

Scott & Racheal (Mar 2016)

My wife and I had no idea what type of first dance we were going to do. We just had a song and knew we wanted to put on a show for our guests. Luckily, Mark and Brigette had it all planned out for us. They edited our music, choreographed our dance and taught it to us. Every step of the way they coached and gave tips on how to perform the moves. In just a few hours, first time dancers like ourselves were boogieing all over the dance floor. We had our guests on their feet clapping and cheering. Three months later we still get compliments on our dance. So don't just dance in circles, get lessons and put on a show!

Courtney & Jen (Oct 2015)

We went to Mark and Brigette for a choreographed first dance for our wedding. They are amazing teachers, and our first dance was everything I dreamed of! I had been wanting to do a rehearsed dance and tried a well known dance studio, but that studio was more interested in money. I ended up spending hundreds of dollars and had no dance to show for it. Mark and Brigette put together a dance that was beautiful in 4 weeks for us! They broke everything down where is was easy to learn and took videos so that we could go back to later when we forgot something at home. They are great to work with, and we are wanting to work with them more for other types of dances.